I’m Anna, I started this blog originally to pass time between my 8 hour shifts at the Hilton Hotel in Lincoln and would post anything from where I’ve been on my days off to where I’m dreaming about going. I enjoyed the time I took with myself to just write about whatever, whenever! Now though, my life has taken a unique path and the destination is certainly wine.

I’ll be posting updates on what I’m tasting, seeing, learning and other wine talk, cheers to that! When I’m not doing that I’ll be busy at work, or enjoying one of those ‘moments’, where time feels like it stops as you take in a beautiful view, listen to music and slurp a glass of wine with great company.

A bit more about me…

I’ve been working as a Sommelier sine January 2018 and have enjoyed every minute of it! I studied Hotel Management originally, with an aspiration to work my way up to a general management, until I discovered that I’m less of a numbers nerd and more of a creative, can’t sit still type.

I began my journey as a Sommelier at Ashford Castle in Ireland, where I learnt just how mighty grand the Irish hospitality is! Now my obsession with wine has continued to flourish at Le Manoir Quat Saisons in Oxfordshire, a place that I can finally call home.


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