Life As We Know It

Welcome To The World

Only two months ago the biggest prize we could ever ask for entered the world, our beautiful baby boy, Tomas Finn.

We’d had plenty of advice about what to expect when a baby arrives, although I guess nothing could prepare us for the reality…

Ultimate Happiness

Not only are we happy to become parents, we are elated, excited and incredibly sleepy.

It is the best feeling in the world which is why I’ve decided to share it on my blog, nevertheless, it isn’t so wine related so I’ll get back to that matter fairly soon.

First of all, I wanted to mention the happiness and love that comes with caring for a newborn, not to mention that shared with others once they get to meet him for the first, second, and third time!

Everything is exciting now, even dreaming about the moment he’s going to understand what a duck is so that we can take him to meet the little quackers, or contemplating whether he’s going to be into cars, planes or trains!

Lastly, (perhaps I’m being naive because I understand that they’re not all that perfect in reality) what i’m excited for the most is all the amazing family holidays together, and really its just been far too long since i’ve lounged on a beach…

Utter Lack Of Sleep

Sleep is a thing of the past.

Not that I am complaining because I understand that nothing in this world that’s worthwhile ever comes easy, however, the exhaustion is so real and so much more than I ever anticipated.

I’ve already reached a point where daydreaming is the norm and sleep walking is my main means of transport…but just like they all say… “its allll worth it, ooh and don’t worry, the sleepless nights will be over before you know it!”

There have been a couple of nights where our monkey has slept for over three hours in a row that have made me think, “oh my days, we’ve cracked it!”, although these little teasers have firmly remained one-offs. Nevertheless, the extra hours kip is always a welcome treat these days!

Days To Remember

Even the most boring days are somehow exciting.

As I write this post, i’m house-bound (thanks covid..), sleepy, and with nothing more exciting on my to-do list than reading a book about tractors and making funny faces to a fidgety little man.

If that’s all I do today then I’ll be happy, but wait a minute, who am I..??!

It wasn’t so long ago that I was challenging myself to fit in a work out, an hours wine study, and still manage a few post-shift drinks with my guy or work pals.

There’s no point in fighting it, things have changed, but right now I’m the happiest I could be and couldn’t be more aware about how fast the days are flying by.

Every day is one of a kind and memorable in its own way and that’s something that having a family has made me realise more than ever.

Back To Life As We Once Knew It…

With the past year and a half being taken over by a global pandemic and, in my case, pregnancy and caring for a new born, life hasn’t felt normal for quite some time…

Although I’m still learning things about my new life every day, I feel like it’s time to start bringing some sense of normality back into play.

I’m going to start by setting myself two new goals, but more on that in my next post!

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