What a Week…

How did everyone enjoy all of the pubs and restaurants opening last week?!

I know that I sure made the most of it…

Although my week did start with a Zoom spirit tasting, resembling any other dingy old day in lockdown… it was a great beginning.

It was particularly great when followed by my first restaurant meal in almost 5 months and what felt like an eternity! This pizza was great although the chilly outdoor temperature quickly made it too cold to eat by the time I got half way….what can we do, we’re not exactly the Mediterranean.

The next day was spirit tasting number two, in a different location, that does at least start to resemble the Med this time.

The tasting was followed again by a ladies that lunch special, this time in my previous home, Oxford. Our table was beautiful with simple table decorations but the hanging purple wisteria made a dramatic statement that added a feminine touch to compliment our girl date.

The ladies of Le Manoir reunite! What a special afternoon this was. It was so great to catch up with people over a lunch and just enjoy chatting about all kinds of random stories.

The next day was a lovely meeting with my fellow preggers freind, catching up on all things baby and of course, enjoying another al fresco lunch.

The following day was pretty normal although once my boyfriend got home from work, he actually had the opportunity to go out for a pint at the pub. That smile says it all really…

During the weekend we finally made it to the beach. I can’t say that this was the first choice of beach that came to mind when I was dreaming of all the summer holidays we’ll be having post-lockdown, but a beach is a beach right?

And no beach day is complete without an ice cream!

When we returned from our beach day, we decided that the party still wasn’t over and went for a walk that ended in a pit-stop at the local cocktail bar. That is until the temperature suddenly dropped and nursing an ice cold drink no longer felt satisfying…

I’ll just leave you with this image from our doorstep…bring on summer 2021!!

Finally, a week full of socializing and adventures! There may have been more dining than wining but if that’s my only sacrifice then I’ll take it.

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