Life Update

What a year it’s been. Oh wait…it’s only February…

The Superyear

2020 seems to have fused with 2021 to form one big superyear! A lot has happened in this time even though it seems like not a lot has happened at all.

Without mentioning the ‘C’ word, we finally have a trade deal with Europe, the USA has a new president and the naughty words in A Fairytale of New York have been declared too naughty for airing on radio and T.V stations…come on people it’s taken you 33 years to come to this conclusion?!

On another note, it has been a pretty life-changing one for me, and not just because I’ve now accepted my pink face mask as a new favourite accessory. I’ve found out that I’m pregnant, we’ve moved house and now I spend my days walking, writing, and cooking instead of pouring, chatting, and pacing.

Say what you like about this superyear, it’s certainly going to transform us, earthlings, in ways we could have never imagined.

What do we really think of it all?

I’d love to know how other people are feeling, because I still haven’t got used to people crossing the street to avoid me or the thought of never being stood in a crowd of people at a concert ever again, hell, I’d even take the sticky floor of the University night club.

Well if you want to go to a club, you’re asking too much, if you want to go to your mates for a catch-up, you’re asking too much, if you want to take a drive to the beach, guess what, you’re still asking too much. The answer is no, no, and no. I can’t help but think about what reaction I would get if I told a 20-year-old Anna that this would happen in 4 years’ time…it really is madness.

For some of us, the reward has been three long chunks of paid leave from our usual daily grind. At first, this seemed like an extended summer holiday, where you could spend your days walking in the sunshine, drinking cider, and watching the sunset before you rinse and repeat. Now though, we’re all too familiar with snoozing our alarms, waking up, and thinking ‘here we go again’, with absolutely no purpose to the day.

After almost getting complacent with this feeling, our big news gave us the motivation to shake up our lives and save us from the mental health decline, which would have inevitably taken place had we continued this cycle.

The superyear has got to us all…but don’t forget it will go down in history books, so for generations to come, we’ll all have a little claim to fame.


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