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My top 5 websites for learning about wine

Since publishing my last post about the best wine books for beginners, I have thought about the other resources available for learning wine that may also be of interest. I have compiled a list of my top 5 websites for learning about wine and keeping updated with the ever evolving wine world.

Along with keeping these sites pinned to your favourites bar, I should also mention that taking interactive wine courses is my absolute favourite way to learn about wine. This is because you actually get to chat with like-minded people, ask all of your burning questions to a qualified teacher and come out of it holding a certification. As for taking these courses online, rather than in a classroom format…it’s just not the same.

This is why for now, the best knowledge platforms to refer to are books and websites.

#1 Website for learning about wine – Wine Folly

I’ve mentioned Wine Folly before and I’ll mention them again! I think this is the most accessible and user friendly website for learning about wine that has oodles of topics to chose from.

You can find out just about anything wine related, from what wine goes with which soup to a beginner’s guide for Greek wines. The articles have a very informal tone and are simple to follow along with, especially when broken up with brilliant infographics, illustrations and colourful wine maps.

#2 Website for learning about wine – Decanter

This website includes all of the latest news in wine to keep you updated, however, you do need to subscribe for a price of £5.83 per month to access all articles. A bit of an investment I must say, although if scrubbing up on your wine knowledge is the goal then the wine quizzes are free!

Sometimes I like to hop onto the site and see how I score in whatever wine quiz I chose, so that I can break up my time spent online. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of a challenge now and then.

#3 Website for learning about wine – Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson and her team of expert writers cover pretty much every wine worth drinking plus industry related information such as how to buy wine in bond and where to store it in the UK. This site is for anyone in the wine business or that may committing to wine as a hobby, however, like Decanter, there are many articles that are not accessible without a paid membership of £8.50 per month.

Again, quite an investment but the good news is that there is still a great range of free articles, along with an A-Z guide on around 700 grape varieties. This feature is great if you end up with a wine where the grape variety sounds like it might have come from another planet!

#4 Website for learning about wine – Vine Pair

After recently stumbling upon this site, I have been entertained by the light-hearted articles and creative imagery. What I like the most about this contemporary website is the diversity of drinks topics on offer to read about. They talk about beer, spirits, coffee and even cheese! You can’t be bored surfing through Vine Pair but you can lose a good hour or two when accompanied by a nice aperitif.

# 5 Website for learning about wine – Guild Somm

This genius website is the go-to for many sommeliers and other wine professionals as they study for important examinations. Guild Somm is a membership only website, which is not cheap…but if like me you need to occasionally look up a wine producer or appellation, then all of the facts are in one place. This, along with the in-depth study guides and regular webinars makes the membership highly worth it.

Perhaps this one is for the slightly more advanced wine enthusiasts, since guides are thorough, complex and most of the information is really only necessary for passing an exam. Nevertheless, Guild Somm must be mentioned since it is one of the most innovative wine sites out there, constantly developing and adding new content.

Enjoy clicking through these websites and let me know in the comments which one you prefer and if there are any other favourites of your own!

One thought

  1. Wine Folly is one of my favourites too, especially if I am looking for a quick view of aromas and flavours. An extra one of my favourites is Wine Anorak here https://wineanorak.com where you get a real mix of tasting notes, aesthetics, wine chemistry and neuroscience. Jamie is a real mine of information 🍷


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