Closed for business

It’s already the third time now that we’ve had to close the Le Manoir due to Coronavirus and this time, it got to me…

I took a few snaps upon re-opening from the November lockdown back in early December, with the newly planted orange trees setting a vibrant scene for our excited guests. Today, with all but one table left in that huge open conservatory, the orange trees are looking just about as sad as we all feel.

Opening day December 3rd 2020
Newly planted orange tree ready for our guests.
Opening day December 3rd 2020
Sommelier station, ready for action on reopening day

Walking into this room, I felt like a woman who meant business. We were fully booked, well rested and full of enthusiasm to get started again.

Unfortunately, a feeling we were only lucky enough to enjoy for 1 month…

Closing day December 27th 2020

What a strange year this is indeed…just look at that empty space waiting to be used and loved again.

The sunshine did put a slightly positive spin on the event, although in some ways only making it harder as we imagined a room full of merry guests making a final toast to the festive season.

The orange tree on closing day 27th December 2020
Closing day

When I look at the room this bare, all I can think about is cranking up the music, popping the Veuve and dancing all our hearts out on that ever so perfect wooden floor.

The smaller dining room, Grand Sale, on closing day
Staring into the sunshine

Enough of my reminiscing…we did get to have one hell of a Christmas dinner before we took all of the furniture away. One final hoorah, and boy was it a tasty one!

Besides, we’ll be open again just as we’ve said every time before…let’s just hope not too long ey, I’m going to miss tasting all of that fancy wine.

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