Mademoiselles in Marseille

It has recently come to my attention that there are various posts which have been stored in my drafts and forgotten about…often I would do this because I couldn’t finish a post all in one go and would intend on returning to it another time, although unfortunately they rarely did get re-visited. This is very sad because blog writing has been a serious hobby of mine, which somehow got transformed into a lingering chore throughout my two years at uni. I begun to regard posting on here as a task that didn’t fall particularly high on my priority list but since finishing uni and re-visiting my love for blog writing, I’m placing it back up there!

So anyway here’s a post about my holiday in Marseille that happened about 7 months ago!

During our holiday week, my three friends and I took a trip to Marseille on the French south coast. It was kind of a spontaneous thing that happened in the middle of procrastinating from assignment work.

In Marseille we spent our days eating, walking, shopping, eating and walking, with a few occasional breaks for eating. We enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and experiencing the culture that was visible everywhere you looked.






Not that the photo does it a lot of justice, but this is a prawn wonton ramen and by the way THE BEST RAMEN I’VE EVER TASTED. It was sooo good in fact, that we returned to this restaurant for the second night!


The mademoiselles enjoying the Asian gastronomy almost as much as me!




The centre of the city was magnificent and bustling with life.


This is a view after we did that nice bit of walking that I was telling you about. Quite a trek actually because this was at the top of a cathedral located on a particularly steep hill. Very much worth the trek though because just look at that! I’m afraid the photo doesn’t quite do it justice either…


After all that walking and eating, we came across a fair few beautiful sunsets.

I love a good spontaneous trip and even better, I love good freinds that want to spontaneous trip with me! Thanks again skyscanner, love you too.

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