I give me my word.

After recently reading an article about body discipline in Psychology magazine I have come to realise that somewhere, I’ve lost my discipline.

I have it somewhere, I used to love saying no to chocolate when everybody else would say yes, I would wake up early to go on the cross trainer before school and later on in life I would even wake up at 4am to do a spin class before work. I have discipline, it’s there, it’s just temporarily lost…

To get myself back into good old habits, I’m going to discipline myself to do my ballet workout DVD everyday for a month. I used to LOVE my ballet workout DVD, I would do it most nights if I could, but then revision got in the way and I stopped dancing so…I stopped the DVD. Typical me but now I have come to realise that life gets in the way, there’s always an excuse but does it REALLY get in the way of an hour a day?

I’m going to discipline myself to make the time to do this exercise once a day, every day, for a month. I want to prove that my discipline is still there and I won’t grow old , forever setting goals, never reaching them and complaining about how I feel. It’s not a positive lifestyle.

So, it’s the 9th Sept today and I’ll let you know on the 9th October how I feel when I’ve completed my month of becoming an undercover ballerina.

Wish me luck!

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