I’m feelin…21’n

So in case you didn’t get the pun in the title, I changed Taylor Swifts song, 22 to 21…funny right?

Anyway, despite my ridiculously unfunny title and and an irritating pop song branded in my brain, I realised that I never posted about my 21st celebrations!

My 21st was pretty special, in fact I think I might have actually celebrated it for at least two weeks…It started with a trip home and a delicious meal with family and freinds, ending with an alcohol fueled Uni birthday celebration.


At the meal, of course it was necessary to have a birthday girl cocktail.


Not just any meal though, ohhh no, we had our own personal fire show and a fresh from the skillet chinese banquet.

pic 2

pic 3

A lovely chance to get family and friends together and a super experience!



The next day we found ourselves in a very lovely little apartment on Notting Hill.




Where we dropped our bags and rushed to a classy afternoon tea at The Grosevner House’s Park Room. Would you just look at those treats!


The menu was themed around a children’s story book about a rabbit.


They didn’t fail to notice that it was a very special day!


Fabulous experience! I would really recommend afternoon tea here for any special occasion. It really does feel special in the Park Room and the attentive staff amplify that feeling tenfold! I suppose never having an empty glass of Champagne helps too…



We left the Park Room, hands full with the classiest doggy bags I’ve ever come across and hailed a London black cab.


On route back to Notting Hill, we made a brief stop at Berry Brothers wine merchant.


Which apparently don’t just sell beautiful wines!


We got back to the apartment and dolled ourselves up for an evening in Soho.


We ate at Little Italy, another fabulous experience. We were entertained by a magician during our meal.


And by a little boogy and booze post meal.


Apparently the majority of London knew about how special this day was…birthday plate 2, check!



That wasn’t it for London though, ohhh no. The next day we woke up bright and early, ready for the best cocktail masterclass you could ever dream of! This was actually a joint Christmas present for us all but we decided that while we were in London together it was the perfect opportunity!


It started with some scrummy, warm, homemade crumpets! Apparently for lining our stomachs…



The bar where we did this masterclass was called the Running Horse and was tucked away on a side street off busy Mayfair. They work with Chase spirits to create mind blowing cocktail recipes.





We had our own expert barman guiding us through three different cocktail recipes and divulging a bit of spirit knowledge to us all.



We basically finished as cocktail masters, ready to take over the world of mixology. Well we thought so anyway, after indulging in 4 cocktails!


After all of those cocktails we needed to post-line our stomachs…apparently The Running Horse aren’t only good for incredible drinks.


Such an incredible experience. Honestly, if your looking for something to do with your group of family and freinds then a cocktail masterclass is a perfect way to have giggles, good conversation and super tasty drinkies…they just taste better when you’ve made them yourself! But I don’t know who or where is ever going to top the Running Horse, they’re pretty great.

Excuse the super long post…but I really did have a loaded few days! Most of it was surprises so I must thank my Mum and Russell for making everything so perfect, you know me too well!

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