Planning for life..?

Recently I’ve began to worry about the process of entering the adult world, post uni. I need to decide a career, a place to live and how to get there, so what do I do? I must have made 1000 mini plans in various different notebooks cluttered around my room, but it’s no secret to any of my family or friends that I can change my ‘plan’ daily. I’ve not yet had that light bulb pinging, fireworks exploding, party popping eureka moment yet and that concerns me…

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • I like learning about wine
  • I like a bit of routine but not 9-5 office work every day
  • I love to travel
  • I’m not that motivated by money
  • I want to live close to nature, somewhere pretty

I’m not going to say too much more because I am speaking online and I would like to prevent ruining any opportunities for myself after all this. I just wanted to voice this concern because although people may tell me, “it doesn’t matter what you decide now, you’re only young, you can make mistakes…they’ll lead to something greater” I want to be happy and comfortable being alone. After all, at uni you’re never really alone and you are looked after and guided, so really, I’ve never actually been alone.

Anyway, my ideas so far are sommelier (pretty cool), trainee retail manager for wine shop, restaurant manager with passion for wine, studying masters degree abroad in hospitality or wine, graduate training scheme within a hotel chain, taking a working holiday abroad for a year or moving somewhere I love and finding any job.

Too many options for a very undecidable miss fandango. I’m hoping sometime soon, things will become clearer but for now I’m going to focus on finishing uni and maybe my eureka moment will arise out of the blue.

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