A day in Kent

Yesterday I fancied getting out of Colchester and particularly out of the flat. I have my car here at Uni so there’s no limit as to where I can go…although I didn’t quite fancy spending half of my day driving. I had a look at the UK map to see what towns were close by, because although I’ve lived down here for a year, I still can’t help the fact that I’m an E grade geography student!


The town I came across was Tunbridge Wells, according to the Telegraph it is one of the UK’s nicest towns to live in, so I thought i’d have a nice day there.


I didn’t chose a bad day to see it on either.


The most historic part of the city was at the bottom of a long hill, call Pentile. Sort of a back to front Lincoln…


On route down the hill though I think I may have found my new favourite shop…there’s stripes everywhere! Unfortunately the clothes aren’t quite within my budget, but a shop to remember for whenever there is extra cash lurking.


IMG_1453 (1)

Some more shots of Pentile. Walking through, I kind of just wanted to join in with people chatting over a cold cider, what a great place to spend a sunny afternoon!


The town had little streets leading off the main routes which reminded me of Lincoln again.

I’m very glad I made the decision to go and visit Tunbridge Wells for the day. I had been regretting it along the way when suddenly the heavens opened and the windscreen started to wave harder than fans at an Ed Sheeran concert, but as soon as I entered Kent the weather cleared up. I do regret having not taken many pictures though, I spent the majority of my time in an indoor shopping centre, unaware that Pentile and the big hill even existed until late in the afternoon. There will be a next time though…I told myself while I was there that I could live here…we’ll see about that, I’ve never seen so many Ralph Lauren jumpers and Barbour jackets in one place before!

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