La Cite du Vin

When I visited Bordeaux this October I became the ultimate tourist, visiting vineyards, museums and shopping centers. My favourite of all, however, was La Cite du Vin.

This attraction is an interactive wine museum. Sounds pretty cool right? Well it is, the building is shaped like a wine decanter and is on three floors, each displaying different features.


The first floor that you’ll come to is all about the design and making of the building that is la Cite du Vin. Quite interesting, although, I was eager to go up one floor to start learning about wine.


When you enter the interactive floor you are given one of these. It allows you to connect with the museums interactive information and activities. It is connected to a pair of headphones which play the sound of whatever it is that you are connected to.


For example…in each of these ‘seeds’ is an interactive video which you can connect your device to and listen to independently.






The second floor was full of a number of ways that you could interact with different activities and videos, including colour matching activities, sniffing games and quizzes.



The top floor, however, may have been my favourite. Here you can enjoy a small glass of wine which can be chosen from a large collection at La Cite du Vin’s sky bar. The best part is that the glass is included in the price of your ticket so it feels like a real treat, plus the wine waiter will give you a detailed explanation about whatever wine you are drinking. Winning!

Also at La Cite du Vin, you can book excursions for half or full day vineyard tours. Here I booked my half day tour to Graves and Sauternes which was, by the way, worth every penny. The tour guide gave us information the whole way to the vineyard’s, and I mean the whole way, even travelling out of Bordeaux he would point out famous or not so famous landmarks. I really learnt a lot during this excursion, so much that my brain was bursting at the seams but the best thing I learnt is that I need to re-visit!

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