The perks of being eternally happy

Very often people comment on how happy I am, how much I smile and how often I think with a glass half full. This attitude can have its drawbacks in that people sometimes mistake the happiness for silliness therefore are unable to take me seriously, however, more often than not I am grateful for the way that I am.

Perk 1.

Making freinds is never too difficult and any new person can mean a new great friendship.


Perk 2.

Negative people and mindsets can’t bring a happy person down.


Perk 3.

Fun can be found anywhere and anyhow.


Perk 4.

People struggle to bitch about a happy person.


Perk 5.

A happy person can appreciate small fun details in everyday surroundings.


Perk 6.

A happy person can enjoy their own company and offer themselves challenges to make life more exciting.


Perk 7.

A happy person doesn’t tend to care what people think no matter how silly or odd they may look.


Perk 8.

A happy person forgives and forgets.


This is my list of 8 perks that I have figured out so far, however, there are many more, so as I experience them I will add them to this post.

If you’re eternally happy then embrace it because there aren’t many of us and people can often try to get in the way of your positive emotions but just keep smiling!

p.s. sorry about the cringy cheesyness of this post is…maybe that’s another perk…!

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