Why study wines?

So I’ve been studying a little bit about wines. I took a WSET course for level 1 award in wines a year ago and now i’m currently undertaking my level 2 award. Here is a list of all the reasons why I believe studying wines is an excellent idea:

The obvious…

You will taste a lot of wine! There really is no other way to go about understanding the composition of wines, you’ve gotta get tasting i’m afraid…such a hard life. Better still, when you go to a professional tasting, the class instructor more often than not will leave the opened wines for the students to fight between. Here’s my current collection…


And yes, I will nearly always fight for the dessert wines.

The appreciation of your tiny little taste buds…

You may have once heard of or seen people looking into a glass of wine, swishing it around, sniffing it and tasting it before confirming…’yes, I believe the oaky, vanilla notes are really standing out in this glass of wine’. Well occasionally it’s not a complete load of bull. These people that can pick out those kinds of flavours have tasted and enjoyed a lot of wines and have trained their taste buds to focus on more than just the fact that its red or white.

Its quite magical when you discover what your taste buds can pick up and identify. You can then enjoy learning which flavours you prefer and eventually find your favourite because there might be many or maybe they’ll just be one which you can always rely on for special occasions.

The knowledge…

So i’m not just talking about knowing which grape variety makes which wine, I mean knowledge in an abundance of topics. Science, history, culture, geography, geology, business studies…it doesn’t just happen that one red Bordeaux tastes different from another, a lot of thought has been put into making the final product and believe me, its fascinating to discover!

The travel…

Not that you need to travel to learn about wines but the learning about wines makes you want to go and see how it all happens. I’ve recently returned from a trip to Bordeaux, not somewhere I would have visited pre discovering an interest for wines, however, it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and the wine culture is everywhere! I visited two different Chateux’s for wine growing and wine production where you literally get to see from grape to the bottle.

The satisfaction…

Being able to actually know what the labels mean on wines when your in a restaurant or looking down the isle in a supermarket. Did you know that Rioja isn’t actually a grape…its a place?! Amazing. Now I don’t need to feel like a total idiot when ordering or being asked about a bottle.

So there’s my reasons, you can agree or disagree but i’m learning a great deal from studying about this overly hyped grape juice, not only that, but now I have a new hobby…and i’m always down for new hobbies, cheers to that!


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