Countryside roots

I have lived in Lincoln most of my life, however, nearly all my family come from the hilly county, Derbyshire. I am very proud of my Derbyshire roots because to me, nothing in the UK beats the serenity of the Peak District.

I was so proud in fact that I thought I’d give my little best friend a tour of the best that the Peak District had to offer. Seeing as though I hadn’t lived in Derbyshire since a baby, I wasn’t exactly the best tour guide, so I called upon my knowledgeable grandparents to take on this role.



We drove past some really sensational landscapes and often stopped to take a few pictures.




Sometimes photobombing the stunning scenery and blocking the roads were some curious farm animals.


We ventured high into the peaks


And stopped to have a look around the picturesque village, Castleton.



Then we went to see where an old road had crumbled away just a short distance away from the village, before driving through Winnats pass.


The reason why they are giggling so much is quite a funny story…basically during the day, rainfall had led to a swamp like area around the crumbled road, but my Grandad didn’t want to let this stop us from seeing it so we navigated our way towards it until…oops Grandad’s fell in. By in, I mean in the muddy swampy wet grass, he was fine so there were just lots of giggles afterwards!


We drove back later on and happened to cross paths with this cavalry of tractors which were commemorating the death of a fellow farmer…I thought that it was the loveliest idea I had ever come across and it seemed to be every farmer and tractor in the area joining in, honestly, the picture doesn’t do this justice, the line was enormous!



Also, during our time in the Peak District, we visited a valley with famous stepping stones.




We did kind of feel like little kids again, playing on the stepping stones but we had fun and best news of all, no one fell in!



Last thing on the agenda was a quick visit to some countryside towns in the peaks fueled with various coffee stops and some snacks in between.

A very memorable weekend, thank you Nana and Grandad!

We had a busy schedule in the Peak District but by no means did we see everything so I plan to re-visit this glorious national park when I am next free…well if that would be okay with the tour guides of course…? 🙂

In the meantime, I recommend you to give this place a visit, I promise that you will not regret it.

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