Back on the grid

Recently I’ve been slightly off the grid…apologies for that but there has been a lot of exciting things happening in my life. Most exciting of all…I’ve moved house!

I’m not going to bother you with pictures of all the rooms and paragraph on why we moved, but the details are…I moved out of the University campus with my best friend, Sofia and we are completely in love with our new flat!!


The highlight of our move in…being finished with transferring our belongings and sitting down to our first meal in our new flat! And what a classy meal it was.

I also believe that no moving in story would be complete without a before and after picture of giving it the personal touch.

As for my other excuses…well, I’ve had a few assignment deadlines and a few exams but also, I’ve had a weeks holiday.


For my holiday I took off back to Lincoln, here…I had a catch up with my brother,


a few drinks with my Interailing girls,


a breakfast with a very good freind,


a day out in Cumbria (random?!?),


a hilarious night out with my old photography buddy and best friend Isla,


a visit from my Nana and Grandad,


and a wander around a freaky festival in Lincoln.

Not a lot but it was great to be back home, I’m always going to be a Lincoln girl at heart no matter where I end up.

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