Why I can’t be passionate about one thing…

Are we meant to be passionate about only one thing? It seems that the best way to achieve success is to put all of your efforts into one area of interest and forget anything else that you may have previously been interested in because these are distractions. What. Why is this a thing? Am I the only person thinking that this is a thing? I mean, I studied English language because I loved to write, photography because I loved to photograph and business studies because I loved to learn about businesses but none of these subjects I had a passion for. I also liked to swim, dance, sing, paint and bake but I haven’t flourished in either one of these activities.I am a creative person but I do not have a passion for one single creative activity, does this mean that I couldn’t be successful in a creative industry?

The truth being is that I can’t be passionate about one single thing, I’ve tried but my mind is too impulsive. I will jump from idea to idea within an instance so I may think that yeah, I could really get into this painting thing but then something else comes along and my attention turns to whatever the new exciting interest may be. I can’t decide whether I need to change this or whether I am due an epiphany about what my passion is going to be very soon. Either way, my mind can’t settle at the moment which is proving to be particularly distressing as I continue my journey as a hotel management student. The hospitality industry is incredibly diverse and still, I do not have a passion for hospitality, so where does that leave me? I love my course and I am having a fantastic time at university but if I do not have a passion that leaves me wanting to research into every inch of the industry in my free time then should I be here?

In my free time, I want to continue with my other interests, I want to paint and bake and write and sing but as a student and a mature adult, should I be letting these activities that I enjoy distract me? Perhaps I shouldn’t. The reason why I cannot be passionate about one thing is because I enjoy a lot of things, I enjoy life and anything new that I can try, including challenges. Hopefully I can still reach my own version of success in whatever I decide to turn myself to but for now I want to keep enjoying my time as a young adult by continuing to do what makes me happy.

Apologies for the endless rhetorical questions and lengthy essay style text, I felt like channeling my interest for writing. One of my many interests.

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