Invited to Italy


DSC_0873When we first arrived in Italy, Sofia and her family invited me to a graduation event that they were having for Sofia’s cousin in a nearby town.

The town was beautiful, old and super clean.


We walked all the way down the long cobbled street.


Until we reached this little restaurant in the centre.



Here we had a small afternoon feast of foccaccia sandwiches, variety’s of bruscetta’s, and some local delicacies along with some typical Italian refreshments to wash it all down with.


After lunch, we had another walk around the area where we looked over the most stunning views.


We continued to walk came across this magic wall. The reason why it’s magic is because if you stand at one end and whisper, the person at the other end can hear you through the wall…ta daaa!


There were lots of little alleyways to explore on the way.


That was it for this mysterious little town, I had a lovely day here and I am very grateful to have been able to join in on this family event.

The beauty of Italy inspires me every time I return, I hope it’s not long until my next visit back!




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