Airport all nighter

One of the most thrilling parts of travelling has to be the actual journey. This is the part where you realise that the excitement is only just beginning and that there are no more sleeps to go.

We did in fact have one more sleep to go but there was no sleeping involved! Yep, we were pulling an airport all nighter.


The excitement started at 8:00 pm on a Saturday evening at the University of Essex bus stop with a 10 hour wait until our flight the next day.


The airport shuttle bus was fashionably late, but who cares when you have 10 hours to spare…?


DSC_0844 edit 2


So naturally, I fooled around for a bit as the excitement inside me continued to build.


When we finally got to the airport, night time started to kick in.



So we hurried inside to find our first caffeine boost for the long evening ahead.


We both started passing our time like two intellectual adults, I wrote in my diary and Sofia sat reading her book whilst sipping coffee.


Unfortunately though, we are very partial to a glass of prosecco so when we saw this pomegranate prosecco cocktail being advertised we quickly became distracted…only joking, there’s nothing unfortunate about that!


Later on we each bought a meal deal for dinner and sat down to eat them. I discovered these baby bananas when looking through the snack selection and couldn’t resist trying them. They tasted so sweet, and would make a great substitute for a dessert, but honestly, three bites and they’re gone!



After we had eaten we began to run out of things to entertain ourselves with, so what to do when your bored…? Take ridiculous selfies I guess!


The airport all nighter did have it’s effects on us the next day…but I would do it again without question! Maybe give it a try, one things for sure is that you’ll never be worrying about time.

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