Memory Lane…

When I made the big move to university, 3 hours away from my hometown, I hadn’t prepared myself for the mental step I was about to climb. Independence is something that I knew I had although naivety was still a trait that I  struggled to spot. I had never been homesick so I was naive in thinking that I never would be…here’s me now, sat looking through old pictures and blubbering over memories at home.

I would hate to live in the past but there’s no harm in reminiscing is there..?

One thing that I was not expecting to miss…my cheeky little brother. We had some super fun times together, moments which  I took for granted because he was always there to talk to and to lift my spirits. Now it’s not as simple…I kinda miss you bro.

Lincoln nightlife. Okay so call me crazy but I do miss a good night out in Lincoln. Maybe I was expecting something bigger and better in Colchester from what I had already experienced in Lincoln but in reality there’s no comparison, Lincoln wins hands down.

I miss baking. At home I would bake whenever I felt bored, creative, relaxed, excitable…it would just be something that I’d use to fill up my time no matter what emotion. I really enjoyed it too! I would often come up with some unusual concoctions but nevertheless, everyone would always have a try because I made it. Back here in student accommodation, on a student budget it’s not easy to keep up my little hobby, so baking is something in which I dearly miss.

So here’s 3 unexpected things which I have been missing recently. Of course I miss all my freinds and family but come on…how long can you expect this post to be…?

Love to you all though xx

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