Painting swirls and circles

In no way am I an artist or even slightly close to one but is that any reason not to paint…? Recently, I have been getting pretty creative with my acrylics and canvas’. Usually my mood leads me to paint great swirls of bright colours, perhaps because my positive thoughts and creativity take control of my hand with every brush stroke…I’d like to think that’s the case, but honestly, it’s just the easiest thing to paint.


Here’s my first go. I did copy this design from a painting that I found on the internet although my version didn’t end up looking like the original at all. No worries though, I wasn’t going to show them next to each other so I just hung my painting up and claimed the design as my own.

DSC_0253 better

For this painting I had no idea what I was going to create when I first picked up my brush so I just started swirling and the result was…a very abstract (polite arty word for amateur/poor attempt) orange sun.


This little project was quite the funny story. A shelf fell out of my cupboard in my kitchen and I didn’t know how to put it back so after deciding that the middle shelf wasn’t needed anyway, Sofia suggested that we painted on it. My eyes lit up at this idea, a free canvas, how could she know me so well?? We painted it with random brushes of colourful swirls and apparently a giant olive…it was a fantastic afternoon and a very happy accident.


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