Lavish lanterns

Recently I have been reminiscing about the good times that I had in my previous job working in a restaurant as a waitress. Whilst working at this restaurant, our then manager had an idea to create themed evenings once every month and insisted on the help from our team to make it happen. The first night to plan for was a Japanese themed evening.


When I saw that the light shades were round I realised that it would be possible to replace the boring glass ornaments with cheap paper ones that I could draw Japanese designs on! My trial attempt at this idea was a bonsai tree.


My idea got the approval and so my collegue and I went on to decorate enough paper lanterns to fit over every bulb in the restaurant.


The result from our efforts created quite an oriental atmosphere and added a unique touch to the restaurant for that evening.


You could use this idea for anywhere that you have a light fitting, I think I might try creating my own unique lantern for my room. I found that the best method to transfer your design onto the blank lantern is to use felt tips because they are very dry and allow the light to shine through the colours. Be cautious of using paints as these can make the thin paper soggy which could lead to a deformed lantern once dried.


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