Hidden waterfall

Back to my very favourite subject to write about, waterfalls! I really do love waterfalls, waterfalls that you can jump in, waterfalls that are frozen, waterfalls that are too big to capture – I love them all. This is why when Sofia and I decided to go back to her home in Italy for the holidays, she had planned with her sister to go and see a waterfall nearby with me.


Here it is, and one that you can swim in, perfect!



Before we got chance to dive in the chilly pool, we had a short 15 minute trek to the waterfall.


And then we had to get our shoes wet if we wanted to cross to the picnic area where we would set up our base.



First on the agenda was to eat as we had just endured a 2 hour car journey to the park and were feeling pretty hungry.


We had a fantastic view in front of us as we sat and ate.


The atmosphere was incredibly relaxing and the picnic area came equipped with a hammock!


But I couldn’t wait to dive in…literally.


After some heavy persuasion, I even enticed Sofia into the chilly waters.


The way to do it is to insist that ‘you’ll get used to the cold in a while…’



There was some beautiful wildlife around the waterfall and I particularly found these bright blue dragonflies fascinating.



And here’s one last photo of the waterfall in case you’d forgotten how beautiful it is.

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