Devon Days

Recently my Nana and Grandad suprised me with a short break away in Devon. It was a great chance to explore a part of the country that I hadn’t been to before and more importantly, to spend time with my Nana and Grandad before I left for University.


First stop, service station and a bacon sandwich!


Before making it to our Hotel, we stopped off at Torquay to take in the views of the English Riviera…particularly on this day, a very ENGLISH Riviera…


Luckily we were well dressed for whatever the weather had in store for us.


We had a long walk around the harbor.


And stopped for a few pictures in front of the boats.


I couldn’t get over how blue the sea was, you don’t get water this blue on the East Coast!


We had a wonderful afternoon in Torquay before then making our way to the hotel.


My hotel room was so cosy and stocked with an array of tea bags, coffee and hot chocolate!


After settling into our rooms we ventured downstairs for a few drinks before our dinner.


We bagged ourselves a cosy spot along a sofa in a corner, where we could get quite comfortable and merry together.



The next morning we took a visit to Brixham, another seaside town where you could easily lose a few hours wandering around.


It was a windy day but we missed the rain so we counted ourselves quite lucky.


After finishing our tour of Brixham we went in search of a cider distillery. Unfortunately we never found the distillery but instead came across this quaint real ale pub/micro brewery. A lucky find actually as we really enjoyed losing an hour in here.


The pub was called The Beer Engine and if you ever just happen to come across it like we did then, go in!


On the last day when it was time to go home, we took a small detour to Stonehenge.


It was at least a bright and clear day, however, these images don’t quite show how icy cold the air was up by Stonehenge!

Throughout our trip down south the temperature remained pretty chilly and the sky often broke with rain, however, we all had an excellent time and have made some fantastic memories. Thank you Nana and Grandad!



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