A very German town

The final destination on my brief German adventure was a small town, just half an hour west of Hamburg, called Bremen.

DSC01804It was a frosty 15 minute walk from the Hostel that I was staying in to the old town.



I can only describe this town as “very German”.


I started walking down a street which was lined with shops and restaurants with no idea where I was going to come out at the end.


It felt like I’d stepped into the medieval period but the stone archways and grand buildings were beautiful.


Along the street, I came across this Radisson Blu Hotel that had made a great effort to integrate their Hotel into the style of the area. I had a quick nosey…




The lobby and bar/restaurant area was huge and spacious with decor that oozed luxury. The wow factor hit you as soon as you set foot through the doors.

But anyway, back to the town!


I came out of one street and onto another. This maze of little streets that I had entered is known as the Schnoor quarter which is packed full of 15th and 16th Century houses, some turned into shops.


The Schnoor district boasted a romantic experience, but really, anyone can enjoy getting lost in these quaint little streets.


This statue posed outside one of the many restaurants in the Schnoor quarter.


I then left the Schnoor district (after finally finding my way out) and headed to a much more modern area of the town, the high street, for a spot of shopping.



The bratwurst and a roll with potato salad was a popular street food available in Bremen and also quite a cheap option for anyone trying to eat on a tight budget!


Some more snaps of the “very German” architecture in the area.


On my way back to the Hostel that I was staying in, I came across another area in Bremen known as the alternative district. Here you can find many rustic style cafe’s, independent clothing shops and arty graffitti. Very different again from the old town and Schnoor quarter.


More of the alternative district. ^


It’s not just about the quarters, districts and quirky shops though, the river that runs along Bremen is beautiful to walk along…especially in the snow!



The chill factor was so high that I felt like I had been reborn by the end of this walk!


And Bremen is not short of its beautiful places to walk around. I found myself spending almost 2 hours wandering around this snow topped park on the outskirts of Bremen.


The park was called Burgerplatz. It had many different footpaths through it and apparently is a lot bigger than you might expect, the footpath I chose seemed to never come to an end! It was all good exercise though.

I loved the diversity of Bremen, I can guarantee that if you visit, you will not be bored! It has so much culture and is full of friendly people, I will be back Bremen, no doubt about it.




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