Copenhagen city break

Christmas was over and the New Years celebrations had come to an end, however, my mum and I still had one occasion to look forward to. We were going to Copenhagen for the weekend! This was a Christmas present from me to mum…and me…It gave us chance to have a break from the usual routine and explore another city. Neither of us had visited a Scandinavian country before so we were excited to soak up the culture of the Danish capital.


We made our way from the airport to the City centre via a 10 minuite train journey and eagerly hopped off in search of our Hotel.


It was quite a dull dingy day in Copenhagen but nevertheless we carried on walking until we reached our warm cosy Hotel.DSC01581

Once we had dumped our bags at the Hotel, we went in search of some Danish food. We discovered that the traditional danish lunch was either a smorrebrod (an open faced sandwich on rye bread – usually with something fishy on top) or a lunch platter (a slate/plate with small tasters of cooked meats, fish and cheese all served with a basket of mixed breads). Mum and I shared the lunch platter which was perfect for us as there were elements that I didn’t like and Mum did and visa versa. The verdict of the Danish lunch platter though: YUM!


The restaurant had its own micro brewery on site so mum chose this beer sampler as a drink to go with our lunch platter. I, on the other hand asked for a cider, not the most popular choice in Denmark apparently…there was only one on the menu and it was a Christmas special left over from the festivities. I was warned that the cider tasted like apple cake, which the waiter considered to be a negative, but when may face lit up at the mention of “cake” he knew I was sold. It really tasted like apple cake, so sweet and dense with flavour, but one pint was PLENTY. (This cider is pictured along with the lunch platter^^)

After the restaurant, we went for a walk around the City. We walked along the high street, which has shops on either side of the road, stretching almost a mile.



We then stumbled across a beautiful indoor market and wandered around the many stalls selling artisan foods, drinks and flowers.



Then we went for a fresh, long walk along a series of frozen lakes, divided by bridges and roads. At this point, the sun was beginning to set and the temperature had dropped quite dramatically, we felt the bitterness in the air, so we then made our way back to the Hotel to get cosy again and have a quick snooze.


But it wasn’t long before we were out again for a bowl of soup and a few drinks.


The next morning we packed our things away and went down for breakfast.



We then made it our mission to explore as much of the City as we could and to slowly make our way towards the sculpture of the Little Mermaid.


The Little Mermaid was slightly further away from the City center than we originally anticipated and by the time we made it there we were so cold that we took one snap and quickly scurried off in search of a cafe.


After our little coffee break we headed back towards the city centre and found this very Danish looking street, complete with coloured houses and restaurants stretching along a small harbour. I can imagine that this area would be very popular in the summertime, I could picture myself sat outside of a restaurant soaking up the sun, however, on this occasion, it was far too cold for that…good job too, as we were running out of time to explore!


We then carried on walking around for a while, admiring the grand architecture.


Before, finishing off in a shopping centre for a short amble around.


The food court in the shopping centre was really nicely decorated and there were little huts (like the one pictured above) dotted all over. I thought that these booths were a great touch as they gave customers a personal area to eat in, I guess they could have been for creating an atmosphere that resembles a picnic area.


Then it was back to the hotel where Mum and I had our last drink in before making our way back to the airport. Mine was a good one, alcoholic ice tea! Very scrummy, just the refreshing drink for a sweet tooth like me.


At the airport, we had a lot of time to kill so we had a relaxed lunch. In Copenhagen we had spotted this chain of juice bar/cafe’s called Joe and the Juice and were very intrigued so we finally went to see what all of the hype was about when we came across another one at the airport. The juices were delicious and all had ridiculous names, as did the pannini’s…I had a “Tunacado” pannini which you might have guessed, was a tuna and avacado pannini, simple and so yummy!


Our very last pit stop of the trip was a wine based one. We sat and chatted at this wine bar as the time went by and until it was time for us to rush to our gate.

Copenhagen was a glorious location for a short city break, especially if your wanting to go for a quick gettaway over winter. The icy air and frozen lakes makes the atmosphere magical and also helps you to take advantage of the many adorable cafe’s and bars!









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