Savoury Muffins?!

Today I decided to give savoury muffins a go…sorry Miranda! It does seem like an odd proposition, but adding savoury ingredients into a muffin batter really can create a yummy snack (ehh’m, now please pass me the blueberry muffin).

I used the third recipe on this article below by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – taken from The Guardian website:

The process of making these muffins is actually quite time consuming as the carrots need grating (urgh carrot grating, I really didn’t expect this to be such a tricky task!) and then there’s the frying of the onions and the wilting of the spinach etc, etc…it’s just a bloomin good job I had plenty of time on my hands. Anyway, all of these excuses are hense the reason that I do not have any pictures, pre-mixing everything into a sloppy mess. It was all too stressful for snappy time.

Not selling them very well so far am I…?

Sorry about that, here’s an image of the end result:


A lovely looking ,well-risen, little muffin!

The taste verdict though…

Well to sum it up in one word I would chose…odd. No, they are very tasty, the cumin and carrot combination certainly works, however, they’re not “muffins” are they? When I hear “muffin”, I crave a sweet, bursting at the seems, blueberry little number, not a quiche with the texture of a muffin. It’s just all very odd.

Nevertheless, I’m very happy that I decided to go wild and bake a batch of savoury muffins, it’s another one to tick off the bucket list if nothing else! ;D


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