Hogmanay Hoolie

This New Years Eve we broke the tradition of celebrating New Years Eve at home with friends and family in front of the television, with something bubbly in one hand and an odd kind of nibble in the other as we anticipate the start of the fireworks, symbolizing a new year. Oh we were crazy rule breakers this year, we ventured through the English border and actually decided to spend this special occasion on Scottish soil and explore the Hogmanay Hoolie tradition. Great decision though Clarkson’s and co. because we really did have a blast!


It all kicked off with a 4 hour drive to Scotland and a 1 hour traffic jam, not the best start but nevertheless we were looking forward to the festivities to come!


Once we finally arrived we had a few drinks in the bar and went to bed. The next day was New Years Eve so we all got down to the train station and made our way to Glasgow for a spot of shopping and coffee time.


Some of us hadn’t yet grown out of the excitement of being on trains! (myself included 😀 ) .


The Train station in Glasgow was quite photo worthy, I loved the old wooden shops and bars lined up around the perimeter of the station.


We then ventured to our first shopping centre of the day which was still beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations.


The ladies that love to shop!


Then we moved on to another shopping centre and called a coffee break. One of my favourite parts of shopping days like this one is when you start to feel thirsty and then make it your mission to find the most quaint little coffee shop and spend up to at least an hour in there chatting and sipping (usually chewing too).



I will also nearly always manage to find the oddest sounding drink and chose it in the hope that I can find my new quirky, go-to beverage. In this case I chose Cinnamon tea. So delicious that I bought a pack as we left, in fact I am drinking it as I write.



We stumbled across many beautiful Christmas decoration displays as we wandered around Glasgow city.


And after all of that wandering we had one last coffee (slash beer this time..) break before heading back to the train and back to our Hotel.


Then it was time to get dazzled up and wait for Hogmanay Hoolie to begin!


Eagerly awaiting our first course.


Not the first course, but, haggis, tatties and neeps!


Sorry Mum..


Post dinner, us ladies were about ready for a bit of a boogie.


It was a lovely atmosphere on the dance floor.


Ooh and I forgot to mention, the whole reason around choosing this year to try something new was because it was also a very special birthday for my lovely Nana. We brought her presents down after a traditional dance to Auld Lang Syne.

We had a fabulous night in Scotland, celebrating New Years Eve (and my Nana’s birthday) the Scottish way! Some scenes that I failed to snap a photo of include; a man in a kilt walking onto the dance floor playing the bagpipes when the clock struck midnight and an excellent selection of flavoured mushy peas to help yourself to at about 1:00 in the morning! Genius idea if you ask me, definitely took the edge off the hangover the day after.



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