Christmas at Home

Since it’s been such a while since my last post (again) , I thought i’d celebrate my blogging re-birth with a post about my favourite moments leading up to Christmas 2015.


I’m sure that most girls (and some boys) will agree that there is no better way to start Christmas than a shopping trip with freinds or family in a huge sparkly city.


The sparkly city that we chose for this trip was Leeds and it was oh so festively decorated.


The shops joined in with the festivities too.


And so we were enticed into as many as we could have time for.


Until we were shopped out!


Next on the Christmas countdown agenda, the Lincoln Christmas market.


The Lincoln Christmas market is actually a real event to rave about. Stalls come from all over Europe and the UK to sell here!


And the food is to die for.



The drinks aren’t too bad either…DSC01390

But sharing is caring!


The end of the Christmas market marked the beginning of decorating our house.


But decorating our tree was no jolly Christmas family activity.


Nope, it was a carefully planned interior design project. But what can you expect from the real life Christmas decorators, its in their DNA to create a festive masterpiece!


It’s just a shame that I couldn’t have produced a photo masterpiece of the result so that you can see the extent of how beautiful the tree looks after the pairs magic touch…


Although no masterpiece can be created without some form of organised chaos and a surrounding area that could compare to that from an episode of hoarders.


The next day it was time for Leeds Christmas shopping round 2.


And a chance for mum to introduce her commercial sized masterpiece (tree pictured behind). I am a very proud daughter!


We stopped for a small glass of bubbles and grapes and an especially tasty pannini…


It doesn’t look much but this tomato and mozzarella focaccia pannini packed so much flavour that I couldn’t believe I was eating veggie food!


The Christmas build up actually continued at work, well we are surrounded by it and the Christmas tree farm is on site too!


There’s plenty more Christmas fun to have just yet so I am looking forward to every day leading to THE day. There’s a sparkle everywhere at this time of the year and I just can’t get enough of it!

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