The sun always shines in Lincoln

On Saturday we experienced some very unexpected and completely necessary Autumn sun…in Lincoln! It was great to wake up to a sunrise so good that it wouldn’t have looked out of place smacked on the front of a post card, especially this time of the year…and especially on a work free day!


Someone’s lying about it being Autumn, I’ve never seen leaves such a vibrant green!


I headed towards the Cathedral, there’s always plenty of hustle and bustle around the Cathedral when the sun shows its face.


It was a lovely walk towards the Cathedral and I found myself noticing things which I had never known existed before, like this little ivy choked B&B.

DSC01286 DSC01287

Then I walked through Lincoln’s very own golden arches…

DSC01294 DSC01318DSC01296

Lincoln’s Cathedral quarter will always have a lasting impact on me, it’s hard to even capture the size and beauty of the buildings with a camera…I recommend a visit to anyone that has never seen it in person before!


And if you can’t hack the giant trek up the steepest hill in Lincolnshire to reach it, then there’s always the tour bus (that would be cheating though).


Opposite the Cathedral there is a long Roman wall which circles around the castle grounds and somewhere in the middle of it is this little alleyway.


You walk through it, right to the end where you come across this gate. I call it the secret garden, as the grounds appear to be all hidden away, making you feel as if your not meant to be there.


Through the “secret garden” gates was a beautiful view of the castle and its grassy grounds.

I walked through the grounds and back towards the Cathedral in a big loop.


The Cathedral started to see more and more tourists flood in as I wandered around.

I love nothing more then strolling around with no time pressures and the sun blasting above me, I could have been anywhere in the world at that moment in time and not felt any happier than I was that morning. I think that its important to see the world as much as possible but it is equally as important to appreciate your day to day surroundings – that way, you’ll always keep smiling!

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