Autumn Pic-nic

A couple of nights ago, Gabby, Elly and me fancied a catch up and some food so we met up headed out into Lincoln. Our original plan was to go and eat at the restaurant we worked in, but as we started walking through Lincoln’s old Roman area we stumbled across a very lively looking Tapas bar which stopped us in our tracks. I had never had tapas before so I was down for going there and Gabby and Elly certainly seemed excited about it. We peeked through the door to see if we could get a table, but the restaurant was buzzing with people and it it looked very unlikely…until a very enthusiastic waiter came to greet us, offerring a table outside.


Since the temperature compared to the chill you might experience on a night during the middle of November, we all started mumbling to eachother about where we should go instead and how crazy the idea seemed. The waiter quickly reacted and said that we could have blankets and an outdoor heater overhead…this was all the convincing we needed.


It didn’t look it, but it was freezing, honestly!


So the waiter stuck to his word and pulled out 3 blankets just for us.


The overhead heater worked a treat too, our table felt as if it was in its own little biome!


It was like having a picnic in your garden.


All wrapped up in our blankets!


We started by ordering some Sangria! Well, it it wouldn’t be a Spanish meal without it.


Soon after ordering, platters of breads, meats and cheeses all started flooding towards us.


The mains quickly followed….mmm, frittata, meatballs, chorizo, muchrooms, there were endless little dishes of food, I had gone to Tapas heaven!


We managed to turn the giant empty space of a picnic table into a feast large enough for a rugby team!


We hadn’t realised how late it had gotten once we had finished our food.


So we paid up and headed off.

I’ve been to Spain before and tried their food but there’s Spanish food and then there’s the experience of Spanish Tapas. This was a whole new experience for me and one which I’m going to keep at the top of my memory books and hopefully repeat many more times!

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