New Challenges.

I realise that I have been neglecting my blog for some time now and I don’t like it. My life has suddenly changed quite rapidly and I’ve been finding it challenging but also exciting, adapting to my new lifestlyle. The biggest change, my job. After a year and a half of working full time in the hospitality industry, you get used to late nights, mid week days off and absolutely NO routine whatsoever. Now however, I suddenly have to go to bed early (to wake up super early!), work every week day and actually have some kind of routine (with real lunch breaks!).

To update you shortly but sweetly I have begun working for my mum full time at her Christmas business, Christmas Time UK. I still want my career path to steer somewhere towards hospitality, but as you can probably guess this time of the year starts to get pretty busy for Christmas Time UK so I will be working there from now until after Christmas and lending my helping hand.


My first week. One of my very first tasks after joining the company was helping to unload a lorry full of stock to be put away in the warehouse. Not what i’m used to but it was great to see how the process works.


The lorry reversing towards the warehouse.


Opening up the container.


The huge warehouse where we unloaded the boxes into.


Luckily they weren’t very heavy boxes, just baubles and air!


The floor space soon started to fill up with towering boxes.



And after not very long, the box towers formed a maze which we all struggled to work our way round.


We were all very proud of the hard work we put into unloading this container, the time flew by and it felt like all the boxes were lined up in no time.


We closed the warehouse for the morning until someone needed to go back later and sort the boxes out, putting them in the right locations. Luckily not me, organisation is not one of my strengths!


The lorry pulled away from the warehouse and struggled through the narrow country lanes on its way out of the small village.

My first week at work was quite exciting, simply because it was so different to what i’m used to. I really love change and it was nice to have variation as one day I might be unloading a container and the next I might be in the office taking sales calls.

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