Bon Appetit!

There are some weird, and definatley, wonderful food combinations to give a whirl across Europe. It is one of the reasons I want to travel around the continent so desperately, but so far I only have little knowledge, so here are some of the foods I frequently came across on my holiday to France:






First of all…crepes!! Crepes definatley make it into my top 10 all time favourite foods ever! They’re so simple, but with different fillings you can make them into a breakfast, a main meal, a snack or a pudding! This one at the bottom started off as an innocent chocolate sauce smothered crepe until the lovely french waiter came over and poured flaming Cointreau onto it! To be honest, maybe a bit too much Cointreau for me, I couldn’t finish this crepe, it nearly blew my brains out!

…excuse all of the exclamation marks, I get far too exited about crepes…!!




Another very common delicacy in the coastal towns of France is the seafood…a food that I can’t really get too excited about. In the region we were staying in, “Moules et Frites” (mussels and chips) were a very common dish on the menu’s in restaurants and you could pretty much get them wherever you want. There were even giant bowls in the middle of supermarkets with mussels and scoops to scoop out your own fresh mussels into bags!


My favourite fresh food though to eat on holiday is peaches! I’m not sure what it is about peaches but when they are from a fruit market and they are so big and juicy looking, you just know they are fresh and WILL be delicious!




Another thing I love about foreign food is coming across strange new foods. We saw this black dome burnt looking thing in a supermarket and thought that we should probably find out exactly what it was. It was in the cheese section of the supermarket, so despite looking like a mushroom, I guessed that it had something to do with cheese. We took it back to the caravan with us and cut into it, the texture was like cake inside and then the crust on the bottom was like the crust on bread and the top part, well it tasted how it looked, very burnt! When I took a bite it was like biting through a slice of cheese flavoured air, the cake was so light and fluffy and…cheese tasting…unusual but very enjoyable!


And another great food we came across in France, Merguez sausages! They are delicious, they’re sort of across between chorizo and normal pork sausage but sooo much better. The flavour you get from these sausages is quite intense but not too overpowering so they are perfect for enjoying with a salad and some crusty baguette!

These foods will always ignite memories from this fantastic French holiday and that is what I love about food! You can normally always link food to a memory, even my morning porridge brings back memories to me. Memories of trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest as we were forced to eat it for breakfast every morning due to its durable nature. Surprisingly I can still enjoy it!

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