Local Markets

We often came across local markets when driving around in France that were very pleasant to wander around. They would sell local delicacies (mostly seafood…), clothes, accessories and sometimes antiques.

DSC00785 DSC00786

The sunny days are the best days to visit markets.


DSC00788 DSC00790

All the colours seem a lot brighter and the products more appealing.


Although, this will never appeal to me…creatures from the sea, no thanks!


You come across the best smells in markets too! Spices and smells of cooking give markets a lively and distinctive atmosphere.


Hmm, some stalls were far too tempting for me…I had too quickly walk away or else the contents of my purse could have severely diminished. I love a good holiday souvenir, especially one that I can wear!

DSC00923 DSC00924

Markets really are great to amble around in at the peak of the day but when the sun starts to set, they are an evening delight.


There’s not many better places to walk around after a gloriously lazy day and a hearty meal.

DSC00932 DSC00933

The stalls light up the streets and attract wandering passers-by.


And then there’s the really baby sized markets in the coastal villages

DSC00990 DSC00991

This one seemed more like a car boot sale as apposed to a market but I think it was a sort of second hand antiques market.


Still a lovely atmosphere to walk around.


And even lovelier when finished off with an ice-cream!

Markets were very common throughout the local towns and villages and were always a nice surprise to stumble across. It made me realise how infrequently I stumble across them in the UK, which is a shame, but I suppose we make up for it in farm shops and car boots!

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