Secret Beaches

When we were in France we had the car with us so we would often stop off on route from one place to another if something looked interesting. We came across a lot of beaches which I like to call “secret beaches” because they are out of town and are usually almost empty which makes them feel a little bit exclusive.


Beach number one. We parked the car up and had a stroll up the road to see where it led.

DSC00852 DSC00848

And this is what we found…A grassy, sandy wastelasnd…


It felt really refreshing to be somewhere so calm and empty.


There was a giant bowl shaped dip in the sand which I couldn’t help but run through!


We carried on walking down the path to see what else the beach had in store.


And we came across this…

DSC00866  DSC00871

A secret beach!


Its a very happy place to be.


And, the perfect back drop for a lovey dovey photograph!


Harvey went for a quick wander on the beach while the rest of us were enjoying photo time.


Then we headed off back to the car.


Later that evening, on the way to a restaurant we came across this little beauty of a beach.


The sun was setting over it, creating golden tones on the sand and grassland.


It had a little walkway which took you round the beach but this time we didn’t explore that far, we were all too hungry to put off dinner any longer!


So we headed off for some dinner.

DSC00996 DSC00997

The next day we had to stop again as we spotted evidence of another secret beach as we drove through a small village.


This one was my favourite secret beach of all.


You had to create a path out of the rocks to walk across if you didn’t want to get your shoes wet but I didn’t care, I waded through the pools of luke warm water and slimy seaweed like an excitable puppy!


Mum stuck to the rocks and enjoyed the challenge of creating her own path.


I could possibly kill hours just making my way towards the sea, over the rocks and through the pools.


But, again it was time to head back, so back we went!

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