Sunset Swimming

I believe that the best time ever to go swimming in the sea is when the sun is setting. It feels very refreshing and the light creates an almost magical atmosphere. We were actually all asleep in our rooms for a little siesta when I suddenly woke up and had the impulse to go in the sea (well, I am a bit loopy). I woke my brother up to see if he wanted to come and surprisingly he wasn’t too grumpy and agreed to come with me.


The beach looked gorgeous as the sun started to go down.


We set up camp on some rocks and headed out into the sea.


Well I did anyway…my brother found it a little bit too chilly. I have mastered a technique though to get over the “chilliness” where you run through the sea like a crazy person and then when its just about deep enough, dive in head first. This way you get your face under the water as soon as possible which gets your body used to the temperature a lot sooner- its also my favourite part because it feels so invigorating!

DSC00731  DSC00716

There I am, just a little dot in the middle of the ocean, but if you could see my face then you could see that here, I really am in my element.


I came out to get dry when the chill of the water just slightly started to get to me.


Harvey felt a bit left out so quickly ran and jumped in the sea. That’s my bro!


We sat on the rocks for a while afterwards listening to music and taking in the atmosphere on the beach of the sun setting and waves crashing.


Harvey was very deep in thought…


After a lovely evening, we brushed the sand off and headed back to the caravan.

Sunset swimming is truly an amazing experience, I would recommend to anyone that is going on holiday to visit the beach after everyone else has packed away for the day and go for a dip in the sea as the sun sets on the horizon. You’ll only understand the feeling it gives you if you try it!

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