Rainy days in France

At first touch down in France, the weather wasn’t looking too promising…the temperature felt no different to the UK and the sky was very dull, still though, we kept positive and excitable simply for the reason that we were on holiday!


A very dull blue scene as we left England.

DSC00529  DSC00528

But smiles all round! This was my brothers first time on a ferry so he had every reason to be excitable, especially after I had built it up to make it seem like something that could rival a bucket list experience! I love ferries.


Being on the deck is great but very…refreshing..? I think that’s the best way to put it because its great to go out there with a hot drink and take a few pictures as you leave the port but stay out there too long and you may need to invest in a few more bottles of conditioner (well in my case anyway)!


When we got to France it was very late so we got to our camp site and went straight to sleep. The next day the weather was very similar to that of the UK and just to make us feel even more at home, it rained.


So, we put on our raincoats and went for a walk in a nearby town.


It was a lovely fishing town with a large Marina that we walked the perimeter of.


There were many abandoned boats on the shore line looking very sad…


And some much more fun looking boats!


We all got pretty soaked and felt like it was time to have a lunch break.

DSC00602  DSC00604

At a time like this there was only one place to go. A creperie!


I had a caramel sauce crepe which was so simple but just delicious! I washed it down with a yummy hot chocolate too!


Harvey had Churros, which came with a little pot of Nutella stapled to the side.


Later on that day, it brightened up ever so slightly, so we got out of our wet clothes and then went out again to a different nearby town. This one had a beach!


The weather was quite nice by this point as there was a nice sea breeze with a warmth in the air and best of all, no rain!

DSC00647  DSC00650

We came across some giant sized sun bed structures which I had fun getting on and off of!


And had fun messing around with my camera whilst I was on it.


Actually, I just had a lot of fun altogether, I think being by the beach really lets my inner child come out! Not sure what was going on here…I think I was trying to show my brother how to stretch out his thigh muscle..?


We finished the day off in another creperie…


I went for a savoury one this time. It had potatoes, cheese and ham in it. I’m definatley going to have a go at making this at home!


Harvey went for sweet. Just look at that work of art…to be honest I did get food envy really bad from seeing my brothers crepe but mine was pretty dam tasty too.

Our first day, despite the rain was one that will go down in my history books as an amazing adventure filled day. The rain will never stop us having a good time, its just a great excuse to go and shelter occasionally in places like Creperies!

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