Cocktails and cackles!

Last night I met up with some friends which I travelled around Europe with last summer but haven’t seen much of since! It was so nice to reminisce about old times and find out what they’ve been up to since last time I saw them. Just like old times, we had quite a few giggles and a brilliant evening!


And here they are!


We got started on the cocktails pretty sharpish.


They were two for one so I jumped right on that deal.


And so did Lydia…


“Selfie” was actually the saying of our trip when we were travelling so it was crucial that we had a few when we met up again!


And when the cocktails started to kick in, things like this happened…


Oh yeah. And this.


We all had food but it didn’t really warrant a photograph. Hey, we’re used to budget travelling, there’s no changing us ladies, cheap and cheerful it is i’m afraid!


Lydia and Katie looking quite startled as it’s been a while since I last crept up on them with my camera and yelled “SMILE”!


I get way too snap happy with the selfies after a few cocktails. My next project can be making a book for all of my drunken selfies…

This has been another great night with some very special girlies, although, we were unfortunately missing one important girlie because she had to go see her Grandad. We were all gutted, but there’s only one thing this could mean…cocktails and cackles round two! We already have a night planned for a weeks time which I can’t wait for!

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