Top three

This week I have been quite the spender and the shopaholic inside me has come out to show her face in Lincoln city. So with that, there’s no surprise that my top three this week are my favourite purchases so far…


I have extended my dangly earring collection quite a lot and have filled a whole new page in my book of earrings this week. I love the boho style which is very popular this summer and these dangly earrings fit in which perfectly with that fashion…which is great because now I have an excuse to wear crazy bright and bold colours all together!


Clarins! I have found a special place in my heart recently for Clarins products, they are beautiful, natural and do exactly what they say on the tin! I’ve had quite an issue with spots recently, perhaps due to stress and no real sleeping routine or maybe its just my age…anyway my mum decided it was time for her to take action. She dragged me to House of Fraser one day to see what face cures they had on offer and we were approached by a Clarins lady who offered to show us her products. I loved the smell and feel of the product on my skin as soon as she put it on my face and knew this would be the answer to my skin problems! My mum and I were instantly sold and now it is my new favourite thing, i’ve been using it for a week now and so far it has been working a treat, I love my new little dose of luxury in the mornings!


Painting! Since a project at work where we had to decorate blank lanterns with Japanese designs for a Kytoto themed evening, I have enjoyed being creative and my next project is to paint a canvas for my room, i’m not too sure what I will be painting yet, but I kind of want to give a pink flamingo a go…? We’ll see how skilled I’m feeling.

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