Third wheeling!

Last night I crashed my mums hot date…I joined them on a summers night out in Lincoln which was really great fun! We stopped in two bars for the whole night and finished the night off in the classiest restaurant in town…the kebab house!


It was one of those nights where there was a mild warmth in the air and zero breeze to be felt which of course calls for a cider!


The (slightly loopy) happy couple…


And me! Loving life with my camera and…


Moonshine! looking more like sunshine than moonshine, this drink is incredible, both in its power (its 7%!) and flavour.


The bar we were in was really cool, the walls were painted (s)lime green and there were stained glass windows surrounding the area but the coolest part was the cinema chairs to sit on! A really quirky touch.


The tables had pictures of peoples faces underneath the glass which I thought was also very quirky and caught my eye.


Afterwards, we headed on out in search for some grub.


And stumbled (quite literally..) upon the best kebab house in town and the hub of all Lincoln’s wild and wonderful night life…Charcoal Grill!


Eagerly awaiting the arrival of their cheesy chips and kebab…


And here they are! what a hearty meal…

After a very merry and successful night in Lincoln city we trekked up a very steep hill towards home where we all crashed and burned until 11 am.

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