Out of the blue

With no plans for my Thursday off work, I anticipated a chilled (boring) day ahead but out of the blue my mum tells me that my grandparents are visiting! It has been a while since I last saw them so I was very exited by the idea of them coming over, especially when I noticed the sun peeking through the clouds, I could tell it was going to be a good day.

We went for a stroll into Lincoln after a few cups of coffee to wake us up and prepare us for the long walk ahead…It’s really not that long but, in the morning my level of effort to do anything is worryingly low!


Our first pit stop after our leisurely saunter in to town was this lovely cafe in the old part of Lincoln.


Nana and I shared a pot of tea and felt like true Britons whilst sat inside the traditional chincy themed tea room.


I also had a blueberry muffin, in fact the best ever blueberry muffin in the whole wide world, hence the reason I don’t have a picture…it was too good to hang around for, I dove straight in!


My brother had a scone with clotted cream and jam. It came out hot and smelt delicious, I would have had food envy for sure if I hadn’t have been so captivated by my muffin!


I took a sneaky break to the toilets and the lighting in there was fab so I couldn’t resist a mirror selfie…


After a lovely tea break we headed off for a wander around the Cathedral and Castle area.


We walked all the way down a very steep hill, which we then had to walk all the way back up!

DSC00380 DSC00383

We walked through this grand entrance to the grounds of the Castle.


Everyone was slightly out of puff by this point after the long walk back up the hill…

DSC00389 DSC00394

As we walked through the Castle grounds we stopped to take in the beautiful surroundings.


The Castle wall lines the edges of this park which you can walk along but we just walked straight through after realising we were getting slightly peckish again!


We went in the back entrance of the Castle and came out of the front entrance…


Outside the front entrance of the Castle stands one of the 25 barons which have been dotted around Lincoln to symbolise the barons which were in Lincoln during the sealing of the Magna Carta in 1215…little bit of history for you there.


After working up an appetite, we headed off to my favourite restaurant in Lincoln…Gino’s! Gino’s is a lovely restaurant with very pleasant and freindly staff and food to die for, especially their calamari, I’ve never tasted any as good as theirs but sadly I was only in the mood for two courses after my blueberry muffin at the cafe earlier!


Just in the mood for a huge pizza pie!


My brother had this delicious looking pizza and demolished every last bit of it!

DSC00408 DSC00410

Nana and Grandad both had pasta dishes which also looked great and apparently very filling…


Good effort. I almost polished the whole calzone off but that last bit of pizza dough really did beat me. My food baby was definitely at about nine weeks!


On my way home the shop window of an independent little gift shop caught my eye so I couldn’t resist going in. I could have spent a very long time in this shop and a lot of money because their jewelry was so unique and gorgeous! I ended up leaving with these little beauties.

This day was very special and I enjoyed every moment of it (apart from feeling ten stone heavier!) and it will be one of those days which I will look back on in a few years time and smile to myself. A very productive and enjoyable day.

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