Sea air

Last night we, rather spontaneously, decided to go for a late night drive to the most glamorous resort on the East Coast…Skegness! Mum was after some proper seaside chips and a stroll down the beach on this mild midsummer’s night so we went and did just that, with a few added extras…

DSC00306 DSC00307

The car journey…not a long one, it took us about an hour in the car to reach Skegness.


We took a walk along the promenade after indulging in a bag of chips each. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of these, I was too busy eating to stop and think about taking a photograph!


Happy vibes all round when your this close to a beach…even if it is Skeggy beach!


Brother-sister beach selfie, had to be done.


Another one of those “had to be done” moments when in Skegness…or any beach town for that matter…Ice Cream!

DSC00320 DSC00322

Look at all those pretty colours! The Bailey’s Hot Chocolate did look very tempting to me but this was the middle of summer and I like to keep that drink as a special Christmas market time treat!


My bro sure got into the seaside spirit rocking Skeggy Ice Cream lips.


Time for a selfie with my mum. Cheesy grins!

DSC00331 DSC00333

And f course, an Ice Cream couldn’t be followed by anything better than an ice cold cider.


We explored the arcades and spent way too much money on two penny slot machines but ah well, its all good fun!

DSC00339 DSC00338

I won a key-ring and had some fun playing about with my new toy!


One quick last refreshment stop before heading home as the day turned into night.

DSC00350 DSC00349

Some blurry but cool effects from the big wheel ride at pleasure Island at night.

I’m so glad we did this last night, it was my mums idea and originally I wasn’t feeling all that up for it but once we got there and inhaled a great big breath of the sea air I felt alive again and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you mum.

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