Firstly, I would like to say sorry as I haven’t posted in a few days but I suddenly found myself very busy at work…ahh hospitality and your flexible hours! I have also been feeling slightly under the weather so here is a post about one of my favourite “happy things” to make me feel better…waterfalls! Another one of my strange obsessions is waterfalls, I think they are the most spectacular and beautiful natural wonders of the world. If you don’t get me then just go and visit one, I promise you’ll be hooked by its outstanding force and beauty and you might even try and look up the nearest waterfalls in your area next time your on holiday.

This is what I did when I went on holiday to Croatia…


We were staying in a coastal resort on holiday but made a special trip out to central Croatia one day (after much pursuasian) to Plitvice Lakes. The journey was almost three hours long, but worth every miniute!


There were waterfalls everywhere you looked throughout the park.


This was my favourite part of the holiday and I definatley got them hooked on waterfalls too, success!


This image was taken from a view point up a steep hill and shows the valley with the lake surrounded by waterfalls, the water really was that colour too!!


This waterfall is one we came across in Iceland and one of the largest I have ever seen, the people at the bottom of the image put the sheer size of it into perspective.


Another one from Iceland, this IS the biggest I’ve seen so far! Being here was an incredible experience, the crashing sound and the water sprays you get from this waterfall is something I will always remember.


This is a close up on a frozen waterfall in Iceland, we walked right alongside it up a steep hill!


This image was taken through the window of our coach driving through Iceland but shows how common the waterfalls in Iceland are, we were driving past waterfalls like they were lamp posts in the UK!


Another one through the coach window…


In Costa Rica, we walked through a waterfall! This was AMAZING.

The rocks were covered in calcium from the water which gave a sand paper like texture to them and prevented us from slipping while we trekked through the waters. We all had our very attractive walking sandals on and it was so nice to have the clear water running through or toes as we worked up a sweat getting to the top of the waterfall.


Here’s a very red faced annafandango at the top of the waterfall trail…as you can see, make-up was, regrettably, not a concern during this hike…


Don’t look down! This is another waterfall in Costa Rica where I had to sit on a very uneasy ledge to get this photograph and by the way, the waterfall looked a lot bigger in person!


And of course, the best kind of waterfalls are the ones you can swim in! There is no better way to cool off, honestly.


I couldn’t resist…a selfie in front of my favourite waterfall.

So there are my favourite waterfall experiences so far. I really do hope there are many more like this to come, in fact, I am going to make sure there will be! If there is one thing your going to do before you die, make it visiting a waterfall. I have plans to go to New Zealand and explore as many as I can there because they look stunning and then of course one which I can’t miss off my bucket list…Niagra Falls. But that will be a lot later on down the line, still though, if you never set your goal you’ll never get there!

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