Top Three

I’ve had a pretty good week this week, its been full of many of my favourite things like food, friends and food…

Here is my top three:


Tesco have started a range of bars of different dark chocolate from all over the world. The packaging got me exited with its bright and bold decoration whilst the different flavours on offer got me thinking…I need to try them all! So in a few months time (when i’ve tried them all) I will do a post on the whole range and let you know how i’ve got on with them . At £1.50 a bar it won’t break the bank and i’m rather exited by the idea of becoming a chocolate conoseur…warning, you must be a lover of dark chocolate to try this, the bars range from 32% to 85%!

DSC00283 DSC00290

Catching up with old freinds. Since finishing school, it has been a struggle to keep in touch with all my pals, they go to universities all over the country, places far away such as Lancaster, Leeds and Huddersfield…whilst I’m still here, in the city we all became freinds in. Often, I think back to good times I shared with my older freinds and begin to miss them very much, so when they come back for the summer it’s very exiting times all round! It’s been good to see them for a catch up and to get me exited about going to uni myself because they are telling me all of these exiting stories about their time there and I wouldn’t change this year for the world don’t get me wrong, but, I cannot wait for that to be me!


My sugar ban challenge! I have challenged myself to quit sugar for as long as I can possibly endure it. Crazy? For an obsessive pudding and chocolate lover like me, this is almost torture but I feel like it is something I need to do. We are all being told constantly by the media and word of mouth that sugar is the worst possible thing for us, so who am I to ignore all  the evidence and research that is in front of my face..? I would definatley call my love for the white..and brown stuff an addiction, like many people, I put it in my hot drinks, crave it at the end of a meal, use it in my baking and it just got out of hand, so this is what I have decided to do. I love a good challenge so hopefully by making this “diet” into a challenge I can approach it positively and be proud of myself for whenever I avoid temptation (which is proving to be EVERYWHERE!!) Go team sugar free!

So I know I may have contradicted myself a bit in this post because I have gone on about trying every single bar from Tesco’s new chocolate range and then told you that i’m on a sugar ban…hmmm well here’s the plan, I will allow myself the pleasure of dark chocolate still and so can review the ones that are 60%+ (as dark chocolate is actually quite low in sugar) and get my brother to taste test the milk chocolate ones…I’m sure he won’t mind…

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