A helping hand

Yesterday, my friend Elly asked if she could have a helping hand with moving into her new apartment, with nothing else planned and very eager to see her new place I jumped at the opportunity. She had already walked to her new apartment early in the morning so I drove to the new address to have a nosey and pick her up so that we could start moving all of her things in.


Elly was very excited to get started!


First we had to start packing up things from her old apartment…


With no real organisation involved…we just sort of squiged stuff into bags and boxes that we could find in her room.


We marched down the stairs like the chuckle brothers with arms full of stuff to load into my car.

DSC00265 DSC00267

We had just a short walk to the car but still felt a bit silly walking down the street with suitcases and boxes in hand.


Poor Sebastian…(my little Corsa)…he was filled to the brim with overflowing boxes and bags on every run. It took us three runs in total to move everything from the old apartment to the new one.


The new apartment looked pretty tidy…until we got to work on it…


But at least we made lots of progress! This is most of her things moved in already!


Apart from one very important item which we couldn’t fit in my meager sized Corsa on the second run and so we had to make one last trip.

This was a very productive day and we were both left feeling very positive at the end of it, although, Elly more so as she had an exiting new apartment to look forward to living in!

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