Good Pub Grub

Last week I visited my grandparents in Derby where we went for lunch at a pub in the heart of the Peak District. Neither of us had been to this pub before so we thought we’d try it for the first time after hearing some positive reviews about the food there.

I was starving so I chose the most carb loaded meal I could find on the menu…


Its a posh Mexican chilli toppedĀ sausage sandwich! It was to die for…it came with proper fish and chip shop style chips and a dressed salad on the side (to add some healthyness…) with onion rings, mmm, I’m making myself hungry again!


My Nana also had a giant sandwich. She went for the pulled pork burger which went down pretty well I think…


Grandad had one of his all time favourite foods…liver…yum. Not my cup of tea but Grandad devoured this dish! It came with black pudding mash and bacon all topped with shoestring onions and gravy. It sounds like quite a hearty meal altogether but I just can’t get myself over the fear of eating organs…sorry Grandad!


The atmosphere in this pub was very homely and welcoming and after just undergoing a renovation it had some nice modern decor.


My favorite example of the modern decor around this pub was this wall art in the corridor leading to the toilets. I thought it was very unusual but also really fun. It would actually be pretty useful on my bedroom wall for when I’m getting ready for work as I can never quite perfect the Windsor knot!


And more unusual wall art on my travels to the toilets…

If I had to review this pub I would give it a great big ten out if ten! The food was outstanding and the atmosphere was very warm and friendly with some fun little elements to it. I would definatley like to go back and test some of the other tempting meals and perhaps at a time when I don’t need to drive afterwards so that I can enjoy it with a refreshing spritzer!

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