An evening at the pub

Last night was a beautiful summers evening and a night which we couldn’t possibly spend henned in the house. We took a walk down the hill into the old town in Lincoln where we stopped off at the Magna Carta pub (one of my mums favourites) and indulged in a pint of cider each…until one turned into two…


I blame mum for getting me into cider…proper cider as well, not just that syrupy rubbish, this was Thatchers Gold!


A stunningly refreshing evening sunset drink.


The light in the pub was quite dark so my camera picked up on the movement of light which added some interesting effects to the images. They were trying to show me pictures of their recent holiday but it seems mum was more focused on posing for the camera…


I was loving the atmosphere in there, it felt like a summer’s evening drinking at a bar somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. Especially in the old part of Lincoln near the Castle and Cathedral where the pavements are all cobbled and buildings have thatched roofs, its like being in a different city all together.


A lot later on in the evening, we finished the night off with a Bailey’s. I always forget how much I love this stuff and when drank with plenty of ice you feel like your eating ice-cream! I ended up polishing my mums off too…

What a lovely evening that was! I’m so glad we went out in the end because I was actually previously having a nap and could have very easily stayed curled up in bed after a string of late nights, but I looked out my window and thought “NO, this evening can not be wasted!”. It’s always nice to be treated to a few drinks anyway…I can hardly turn that down!

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