A Summer Theme- Red and Green

Today I was driving in my car with my brother when we spotted a huge “PYO” sign. We were in no rush to get anywhere for any particular time and so out of excitement, I made a brief detour.


It was a beautiful sunny day so I really couldn’t resist.


Picking the best strawberries was like an MI5 operation..you had to dig deep amongst the leaves to uncover the juiciest looking fruit.


My brother was loving the mission!


I wasn’t hating it too much myself…


My trophy. This one was a winner, and I couldn’t resist the temptation of eating it immediately! Oh well, at least I have photo evidence of it..


I had filled my punnet before the brother had even half filled his! I think he was being the perfectionist he is, as he told me that he would only pick the ones that were “a dark strawberry kind of red”, whereas I didn’t mind the ones that were slightly white on one side.


A successful picking I think, two full punnets of strawberries and a belly full of about half a punnet! Well, no need for tea now…


Couldn’t fit anymore in if I’d tried! Although they weren’t the cheapest strawberries I have ever bought and I’ve ruined my shoes through them getting stained with strawberry juice, this was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and a brilliant spontaneous time killer.

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