A Rainbow Market

Amongst the hussle and bussle of Spain’s second largest City, you can discover even more chaos in Barcelona’s famous Fruit Market. Just off the famous street “Las Ramblas”, we entered this fruit market with little hope of it actually sparking any interest in us, but after speaking to a few locals we were told that it was a “must see”!


As you entered, you were hit by a rainbow of colours which instantly caught my attention.


We walked further into the market and past all of the scrummy looking fruit!


Before making it to the fruit market we had all eaten our lunch, which consisted mainly of bloat inducing baguette so we were all too full up try one of these delicious looking fruit pots. I wish we knew how much food would be on offer here and what the market was like as I would have much preferred a lunch consisting of this delicious  market food.


And although famously named the Barcelona Fruit Market, the market sold more than fruit! See why you need to come here on an empty stomach..?!


Hmm, much more than fruit. I think I’ll stick to the sweet treats thanks…


And an even larger rainbow can be found on the sweet stalls, although, if your looking for a natural rainbow, then stick to the fruit…half of these sweets looked radioactive the colours were so bright!


Yum yum. these savoury crepes looked delicious, I started to very much regret delving into my bland baguette before hand when we came across these…


Any guesses as to what these are…? They looked sort of like cold, square pies..? Not sure, but anyway, I wanted to try one!


More mystery food which I would have been happy to try.


Oooh, now those chocolate coated strawberry sticks got me thinking if maybe I could just find some room somewhere in my belly…it was really quite torturing. I’m not finished with you yet fruit market, I’ll be back!

The market was a showcase of every kind of food, as well as the stalls in my images, they also sold, nuts, dried fruit, meat, cheese, vegetables and loads more. I do agree with the locals, if you ever find yourself in Barcelona City then make sure you take time to go and visit the fruit market (on an empty stomach…) because it is a “must see”. Such liveliness and colours makes an exiting atmosphere  especially when few tourists actually know about the market, keeping it pretty exclusive to the locals and more of a cultural experience for us.

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