A Personal Present

My mum knows me well…about a year a go she bought me a book called “Extreme Hotels” which I finished reading in one day! Every now and again I pick it up again to have a quick flick through and every time I do, it leaves me wondering if a life visiting each one of the wonderful Hotels in this book for a one nights stay would be possible…?


Each Hotel has been cleverly placed under the categories which best describes the Hotel as being “Extreme”. I really want to show you all the pages, because honestly, you would not believe the creativity and imagination there is dedicated to making a Hotel stand out. Its such a good book just for flicking through too because all the images a really fascinating.


How about a night in a sewer pipe? One thing this book is great at is making you notice that cool places like this Sewer-Pipe Hotel really do exist! What a wicked idea though. It certainly would be an experience, perhaps not the most comfortable nights sleep but, is that really what you would be looking for anyway when staying inside a sewer pipe..?


How about a little more luxury..Two private Islands, one Hotel with a walkway connecting the two together, 150 beach water villas and an underwater restaurant! Yep, that will do. Almost everyone has dreamt about the crystal clear blue waters and velvety white sand in the Maldives but just picture that image with you retiring to your hotel room on stilts on an evening…ooh its making me all goosebumply!


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…here’s another image of the Hotel resort on stilts in the Maldives. On this page you can see the image taken of the underwater restaurant- one of the many highlights the resort has to offer….count me in!


Is this really possible? So, apparently you can call a Hotel a Hotel even if it has one room, well, as long as you state that it has one room in the title…With this Hotel you get all the necessary facilities of any normal Hotel such as, a concierge (of your own), a fully stocked mini-bar and breakfast in your room! This Hotel, like most of the “Extreme Hotels” is an experience primarily and somewhere to sleep for the night secondarily. However, this Hotel goes one step further than that and is in fact a work of art, a project initiated by two Swiss artists and previously showcased in a museum. Its like a living gallery.


Recycling at its best! Instead of demolishing this retired train station, it was transformed into a magical Hotel. I love this idea and it’s something which I think should happen more often to old historical buildings, it’s the perfect selling point for a Hotel and a great way to keep a building alive!

So there is a taster of my favourtie non-fiction book for you, I highly recommend it for anyone as interested in the world of Hotels as me…or anyone who isn’t. Happy reading!

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